Hepzibar Care agency only aims to go above and beyond for every
patient. We provide some of the best care workers in the United
Kingdom, with each carer being put through a process that takes up to
3 months, with the correct training and love for others we take pride
in our staff.

Hepzibar was founded on the firm belief that respects for others elderly or
not, should be but the foundation of our society.

Hepzibar Care Agency provides the longest continuing service for nursing agency jobs and staff in the UK. Hepzibar is a preferred supplier of nurses and HCAs to hospitals, Nursing Homes, Residential Homes throughout England.

Our Mission

To provide consistently high standards of professional care in order that those we care  for (the “service User”) can live as normally as possible where their individuality, independence and dignity are respected and upheld.

The aim of Hepzibar Care Agency is to sustain the quality of service provided to dependent Service Users, while meeting the challenge of new regulatory requirements.

We will accomplish this by training our staff to meet the needs  of our service users and by having in place a training programme for each member of staff to develop their skills. We will monitor our services by regular assessments of all staff by soliciting views from our Service Users.